periodic inspection and testing

We offer a full comprehensive periodic inspection and testing service. We charge £20 for the first 5 circuits and £10 per circuit after that. Whilst I know this is not the cheapest about I know that this is a fair price to myself and you the customer as it covers my time to be able to inspect the property’s installation correct and thoroughly giving you complete piece of mind that everything within the premises is safe and correct. This is also known as a landlord inspection which is required every time a new tenant moves in or every 5 years which every is sooner.

Whilst it is not a legal requirement for domestic premises to have an periodic inspection and testing preformed it is recommend by the installer that it is checked up to every 10 years as this can help keep an eye on the installation and making sure there is no deterioration within the circuitry of the dwelling and is highly recommended.

Our best advice for anyone looking in to these be careful of cheaper EICR as if they are only charging a small fee they will be looking for faults to get there money back that way for the cheap service, also they may not spend enough time testing and checking the installation correctly.

Understanding an EICR we use codes and they are as follows C1, C2, C3, FI. These codes are used to highlight and issues within the premises.

A C1 is Danger present

which means there is a serious fault within the dwelling that could cause harm to you or any person or animals within the premises an needs immediate remediation.

A C2 is a potentiallydangerous

which means that in its current state it is faulty but wouldn’t cause harm but if something was to change around the circuit it could cause serious harm to you or any person or animals within the premises.

A C3 is improvement recommended

which means that it is a non-compliance with the current safety standards. Whilst this does not present immediate or potential danger it does mean we recommend safety improvements could be made.

A FI is Further Investigation

when an item can not be fully verified also a code C3 could require further investigation.

This is sometime also required by letting agents, mortgage company’s and solicitors for sales or letting of the property. If you would like a genuine and honest report conduction on your property, please contact us.

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